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Kefir made using local non homogenised cows milk

Our story...

Kefir Cymru is a family business from Y Felinheli, in Gwynedd, North Wales.

As a family of five persons we started to take cow’s milk kefir regularly in 2013. Over this period of time we have noticed many health benefits with one family member being able to stop taking all medication for an inflammatory bowel disease after several years.

As we couldn't get cow's milk kefir locally we started producing it ourselves, using local pasteurised non- homogenized milk.

The day to day management of Kefir Cymru is undertaken by Helen who, after a successful career in television production, has now turned her lifelong interest in nutrition into running the business.


How kefir boosts your health...

Kefir is a fermented milk drink full of good bacteria.

The human gut is a micro system of bacteria commonly called the “gut biome”. Left to itself, the gut biome will contain a healthy balance of immune supporting bacteria. However processed food, sugars, some medicines and stress can distort the balance in the biome and this in turn may be contributing to the rise of many auto-immune diseases in modern human populations. 

Drinking cow’s milk kefir daily can help to restore bacterial diversity and balance in your gut biome and there is increasing evidence to suggest that the more diverse the bacteria in your biome the better it will be for your health.

Our kefir is made using live grains and non homogenised milk.

At Kefir Cymru, we believe in reducing the use of plastic, therefore your cow’s milk kefir will arrive in glass bottles.

If you are taking immunosuppressants or warfarin please seek medical advice before taking kefir. The effects of such medicines may conflict with how kefir affects the body.

Caring for your kefir

Kefir is a live product, (similar to live yoghurt) that carries on fermenting. Because of this, it is likely to separate in transit, or if your courier has left your kefir on your doorstep. When this happens it will not impair it's effectiveness nor it's taste. To remedy, simply shake the bottle (or blend it) and place it in the fridge for a few hours before drinking.

As a fermented drink your kefir will be slightly fizzy and it will continue to ferment slightly in the bottle. We have left some space at the top of your bottle to allow for this but if your kefir has been standing for a long time please take care when you open the bottle as the pressure may have built up more than usual and the top may pop!

How to take your kefir

We recommend you take a good glass (at least 150ml) first thing in the morning around 15 minutes before your breakfast. If you find the taste a little bitter or tart when you first start taking it, you can sweeten the kefir with fresh fruit or maple syrup.

Remember that your dogs, cats and horses will also benefit from taking cow’s milk kefir regularly too!


Buy Kefir

An order consists of 4 x 900ml bottles of kefir. One-off order: £41.00

Subscribe every 3 weeks: £38.00

Prices include postage and packaging.

900ml Bottle x 4 900ml Bottle x 4
(£10.25 per bottle)
Subscribe Every 3 Weeks 900ml Bottle x 4
(£9.50 per bottle)

Contact Us

Kefir Cymru
Hen Ysgol Aberpwll
Stryd Bangor
Y Felinheli, LL56 4JS
01248 671 167

[email protected]

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